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The Challenge

M&T Development is itself a residential, commercial, industrial and retail property development company, so the look and feel of the tiles was equally as important as durability and functionality.

The Solution

The architect of the new office HQ expressed that the tiles needed to keep with the specific stone aesthetic theme that was selected, and the colours needed to match and blend with the wall paint and overall design. Johnson Tiles selected a glazed white porcelain tile from its Court Yard VA-range for normal and slip resistant finishes. This is a tile specifically developed for cladding that would also adhere to the client’s 0.5% water absorption requirement.

The Benefits

The office is now equipped with premium, hard-wearing tile cladding to brave the elements and weather any storm. The completed project clearly met all client specifications on the basis of aesthetics, affordability, function, and durability. Additionally, Johnson Tiles recruited the expert and specialist assistance of TAL to ensure a quick and easy installation for the client’s convenience, as well as a combined guarantee from both Johnson Tiles and TAL.

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