Creating your new bathroom is easier than you think. Here’s how. | #JohnsonTiles #Bathroom #Refurb

Clean Lines. Fresh Look. 
Let’s Plan Your Newly Tiled Bathroom.  

There’s nothing quite like that energising shower to get you going in the morning. Or a relaxing tub soak to soothe away the day. Even better, a clean and fresh new bathroom design that turns routine into a daily, eagerly anticipated event.

Why upgrade your bathroom tiles?  

There are plenty of aesthetic as well as practical reasons. Let’s explore a few:

  1. It’s a new home – You love the space, but the décor is not really you. You want to make your own design mark in your new home.
  2. Your bathroom’s ‘tired’ – It just hits you in your mirrored face one morning. So, it’s out with the old and in with the new!
  3. Hygiene – After years of damp and moisture, those tiles really want replacing. Turn your bathroom into a fresh, cleansing experience.
  4. Enhanced value – Updating your bathroom is a good way to sustain your home’s market value. And your own sense of wellbeing.
  5. It’s personal – The bathroom is the one escape that you have all to yourself. It’s both energising and relaxing. Keep it that way.
Which tiles should you choose?  

Which colour? What style? And is this your opportunity to reconfigure the layout of your bathroom?

Already, so many questions. But dive right in. The most important thing is to make this an exciting, fun project. Your new bathroom will be an expression of what you enjoy and appreciate most. So, let’s reflect on that to start with. Consider a few things:

  1. Explore interior looks and styles that you like – Comb through Pinterest and Instagram. Delve through interior magazines. Collect the looks you like. And don’t shy away from new designs that catch the eye. It’s an adventure.
  2. Then overlay colour ranges that suit your style – Narrowing down the interior collections you prefer, start adding colour and pattern ranges. Play with décor options. Put your own signature on it.
  3. Consider the space and dimensions of your bathroom – It’s not a rule, but generally it helps to give a feeling of depth to contained spaces, while creating more intimacy in wider, more open areas. You might want to consider plainer, perhaps even larger format tiles in a smaller bathroom. In a more expansive bathroom, a feature wall of more elaborate design and colour can pop with style appeal.
  4. Take a moment to rethink the layout – Should you swap the toilet and basin around? A sliding door could help with that. Perhaps choose a larger shower enclosure instead of a bath? Of course, these are practical choices. But then you’d want to apply your tile and décor selection for your reimagined space.
Bathroom styles with Johnson Tiles.  

Let’s get you focused. Take a look through these specially created Johnson Tile bathroom designs. Refer back to some of the style, colour and dimension pointers above as you browse through.

Here are some cleaner, more minimalist looks to start with. Some might call this a ‘modern’ or ‘contemporary’ look. To others it appears as a timeless ‘classic’. Don’t become too stuck on trendy terminology. Each to our own eye.


Parquet Natura Johnson Tiles

It’s light, airy and just so calming. That tub soaking is just so inviting. The larger format tile seems to lend a sense of expansiveness. The grey floor anchors space. And yet the clouded texture of the tile face still contributes to the light and airy atmosphere.



Parquet Natura Johnson Tiles

Now consider a similar environment, but switch up the colour options of the floor tiles a little. You can immediately see how colour can resonate according to what works for you. The smaller tile size, even with a more prominent, mottled design, plays off the simple, serene background.


Parquet Natura Johnson Tiles

Still keeping to a relatively similar, natural light environment, now consider some uplifting texture and décor design accents. Again, it contrasts, even accentuates, the pure white bathing tub, the focal point of the space.


Parquet Natura Johnson Tiles

Now here’s an excellent example of how a decorative feature wall, with a soft screed-like floor tile, gently draws a larger, more flowing space into one, complementary style and appeal.


Parquet Natura Johnson Tiles

For sheer grandeur of space, nothing luxuriates like a marble-veined tile. It’s living made large, turning your every bathroom experience into an event.


Parquet Natura Johnson Tiles



Here’s a modern take on a classic look. Or whatever it seems to say to you. Complementing the brassware is a modern metro wall that marries urban chic with rustic charm. There’s a story whispering from those shower enclosure walls.

Now hold that thought and mix it up.

See how the same décor tile, now horizontal, works as a layered brick effect to present an open bathroom wall. The lighter upper tile with the darker lower tile sets an entirely different, background scene.


Parquet Natura Johnson Tiles

And then there’s the completely opposite appeal of a Spanish inspired patterned tile to create vibrancy and personality. A traditional throwback works playfully against more modern bathroomware.


Parquet Natura Johnson Tiles

Back to another shower enclosure and let’s get busy. Cladding one side with a pixel effect immediately imparts a sense of movement and energy. The mosaic tones are contrastingly muted with an accentuated note. (If you’re not a shower singer, you will be now.)


Parquet Natura Johnson Tiles

Deciding on that accentuated feature in your bathroom is not as challenging as it might seem. Think contrast. Offset a traditional chequered look against sleek, contemporary lines.


Parquet Natura Johnson Tiles

It works just as well on a bathroom wall. A feature design makes a statement. Just enough to set a delicate balance and tone.


Parquet Natura Johnson Tiles



The same effect is achieved here. The mosaics include a randomly stippled border. But it works. Like bubbles to a bath.

Why Johnson Tiles? 

Why Johnson Tiles, indeed. There’s a certain assurance you want behind the look and appeal of your carefully considered tile ensemble. Don’t just spend the budget you’ve set aside. Invest it.

  1. Craftsmanship – For all the latest technology in developing and manufacturing quality tiles, mosaics and décor, there’s an eye and talent for on-trend design to which Johnson Tiles will forever stay true. A tiling project is no small undertaking. It’s a design commitment. What is beautifully conceived is perfectly executed, from design to production.
  2. Quality manufacturing – Johnson Tiles maintains a rigorous process through every step of the creative and engineering process. It’s the reputation of Johnson Tiles that affords you many, many years of lasting quality. Robust construction, colour that holds fast, the perfect finish. With Johnson Tiles it’s a given.
  3. Trend – Fashions come and go. Interiors trend. Johnson Tiles has led the way for generations of homemakers, interior designers and major developers. Call it a ‘finger on the pulse’, an ‘ear to the ground’, an ‘eye’ for anything and everything on the horizon. We can’t predict the future. But we’ll help you get there.
  4. Trusted heritage – 1901 was a very good year. It still is. The Johnson family tile business, as you might guess, began in England. It was a time of fiercely competitive, industrial innovation. Yet Stoke-on-Trent – where it all began – was, and remains, a haven of artisanal, ceramic creativity. A keen understanding of craft, with a burgeoning scale of production, soon began to reach walls and floors across the oceans. Established in South Africa in 1935, Johnson Tiles began manufacturing in Johannesburg in 1952. And never looked back. (Except for a retro trend or three.) 
Choose TAL to finish the job.

If you choose sought-after quality, ensure a quality finish. Johnson Tiles recommends leading tiling products from TAL. With TAL you can be just as confident about choosing the best primers, adhesives, grouting and sealants. For every Johnson Tiles installation there’s the perfect TAL solution. Ask your Johnson Tiles experts. They’ll know.


The feeling of achievement – the sheer indulgence and enjoyment – after completing a home upgrade, can significantly improve your motivation and purpose. New-look interiors can encourage other lifestyle enhancements that likewise imagine new horizons. Think of the possibilities. Experience the exhilaration. Good job!