Warm happy spaces

Could it be possible to help convince yourself that you’re warm and cozy by surrounding yourself in aesthetically ‘warm’ spaces? We think you can. Feelings and senses are stimulated through colour, texture and light.

Here‘s a few tips to make your home snug and cozy.



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Start with colour:

Fill your home with reds, oranges and yellows  – colours that evoke memories of warm fireplaces or sunny summer carefree days. Even if it’s grey and cold outside, inside can be filled with sunshine and warmth.

Adding brown shades to your space will conjure sensations associated with hot chocolate, coffee or warm homemade bread.

These shades can easily be added to your home by introducing earth-hued and sunset throws, bankets, bed linen and scatter cushions.




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Add layers of texture:

Rough, chunky textures are associated with warmth and well-being, so adding layers of different fluffy or furry textures, knitted fabrics or velvety throws, will embellish the feeling of warmth.

Long haired carpets, wicker furniture and most of all rustic wood textures and decor will create a welcoming, nurturing space.



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Warm ambient, muted lighting makes snug, snugger. So ensure your globes give off a warm hue rather than stark white light. And always keep a stash of candles handy for intimate dinners with family and friends.

Warm wishes for a cozy winter.