Top décor tips to bring your personal style to life

Liza Watermeyer

Finding the right mix of products for your home that reflects who you are, that works for how you live your life and is on-trend can be challenging. Make the most of your budget with these top décor tips from Liza Watermeyer, Visual Display Manager from our customer, Tile Africa. Liza gives some valuable advice on what to keep in mind when bringing your personal style to life.

Q: With so many tile designs to choose from, where do you start?

A: It may be helpful to think about the style of your home, is it a farmhouse style home, a Tuscan villa or modern industrial style. You can then decide if you want to work with that style in an authentic way, such as wood-look tiles in that farmhouse of yours, or perhaps play with a combination of cement and stone-looks for a modern interpretation.


Q: What are the trends and should I be adding these to my décor? 

A: Marble, terrazzo, and cement-look tiles are very popular at the moment, particularly in collections which offer different sizes and colours that can be combined to create your ideal space. A key trend is to combine different tile looks with a focus on the design of the layout.

Tile Layouts

Installing rectangular shaped tiles in a herringbone layout is right on trend or, ask your tiler to cut your tiles into bespoke patterns to create something that reflects your individual style. If you are worried about installing something that will become dated, fear not! Use smaller amounts of the trendy designs that you love by combining them with more traditional or classic designs such as wood, cement or marble- look.

Colour Lighting


Q: What elements should I pay attention to beyond choosing the right tile? 

A: Play with colour in your paint choices, soft furnishings and art as a way to really place your personal stamp on the room. Finally, pay attention to lighting as this is key in creating the right ambience in your space – even in bathrooms!

Q: Any last thoughts? 

A: Tiles are a long lasting and durable product. So, when planning any renovation to your home, love the tiles you select! Never settle for something you don’t absolutely adore as your home should reflect your passions.

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