Take design inspiration from Tsitsikamma forest

Forming part of the Garden Route National Park, the Tsitsikamma Natura is an ancient and multifaceted landscape boasting no less than 116 different tree species including stinkwood, Cape blackwood, milkwood, candlewood, white pear and of course the world famous Outeniqua yellowwood. Providing plenty of options to play with texture and tone, the Natura Collection from Johnson Tiles, you can help you bring some of Tsitsikamma’s charm to your home.



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Woodlands Mahogany
The peaceful serenity of Tsitsikamma’s diverse setting is easy to capture with Woodland Mahogany tiles. Enhance the look with neutral or earth toned furniture and decorative accents, add loads of greenery and keep the space minimalistic – this will help you to develop your home into a luscious, Tsitsikamma inspired sanctuary.



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Farmhouse Meranti
You can use Farmhouse Meranti tiles to extend the woodland look to your patio and truly experience the peacefulness for which the Tsitsikamma Natura is known. Include a stunning water feature to mimic the flow of Storms River and Waterfall Trail. The sound of rustling leaves, the trees like a fortress surrounding you – it won’t be long until your imagination is transported to the wood scented, moss-veiled trails of Tsitsikamma’s treasured national reserve.



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Barn Almond
It’s more than just a look…it’s a lifestyle. Marked by the melody of birdsong, the rush of moving water and space in which you can breathe. Make the most of your space by pairing a pale Barn Almond tile from the Natura Collection with indigenous indoor plants to bring the fresh, crisp feeling of the great outdoors into any space.

Taking inspiration from the unique patterns, warm tones and the subtle nuances of the woods, the Natura Collection from Johnson Tiles will help you to nurture your wanderlust and live a life defined by tranquillity, because with the right level of creativity you can have any destination, including paradise, at your feet.