Opposites attract

Using contrasting black and white interior elements gives a fresh, clean, sophisticated look to any room. Black décor accessories, light fittings, paint, fabrics and furniture will catch the eye – especially in a stark white setting. The zen-like balance of black and white will spark a dramatic effect.Here’s a few design ideas:


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  • A black and white floor is the best place to start. A beautiful black marble floor set against all white furniture will make a powerful statement. The classic black and white checkerboard floor will add a unique traditional touch to any contemporary space. An all white floor will direct all attention to black décor and furniture in the room.
  • Stark white walls serve as a perfect gallery type background for artwork and photography. Choose black or white frames to amplify the gallery type feel. Black or dark walls have become super trendy. Black mosaics, stone, marble or paint will create a focal point in a room. Caution against painting an entire room a dark colour, rather consider a single wall, keeping the room contemporary, fresh and light.


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  • Crisp white bed linen is the traditional choice for any bedroom. However the latest linen trends include black, char-coal and grey shades. This will add a trendy feel to your space. Include throws, cushions and quilts to build layers of texture and colour on your bed.
  • Black and white interiors work in large and small spaces. Whether it’s a large open plan space or a smaller bathroom, the smart use of black and white will add an elegant touch to any sized room in your home.



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  • A feast for the eyes. To create a striking table setting, look for black and white china. All white or all black creates a bold statement. Add table linens and accessory pieces to compliment and complete the look.


Remember, bold ideas create beautiful spaces. And what better way to explore this than in black and white.