Open plans spaces

Whether you live alone, or have a family – open living spaces are a growing trend. Here’s a few simple ideas to make your space beautiful.
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  1. Colour: One paint colour throughout an open-plan space creates a uniform appearance.
  2. Decor finishes: Use consistent materials, colours, wood and metal tones in your open-plan space to give all the areas a unified look.
  3. Keep it casual: Open-plan living marries well with a laid-back lifestyle.
  4. Define areas: Specific areas need to be demarcated in large open-plan spaces. Arrange key pieces of furniture to divide up the different living areas. Rugs are a great way to help define a particular living space.
  1. Key features: In an expansive room, create key focal points eg. an exposed brick wall, a built-in bookcase, a fireplace or even a chandelier.
  2. Seamless design: Because the kitchen is visible from the living area, ensure it is designed to seamlessly integrate with the rest of the space.
  3. Keep it light: White roller blinds control light and offer privacy while maintaining the airy feel of an open-plan space.
  4. Storage: Create ample storage space to hide visual clutter. This is particularly important in the kitchen, as it is connected to the entire living area.
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Most of all, enjoy designing your living space. And don’t take it too seriously. It’s an interior playground for expressing your creativity!