Introduce a trendy and natural look with wood-look tiles

The wood tile trend has been gaining momentum for several years, and now there are more styles and sizes to choose from.

In Europe natural wood-looking tiles now come in strong tones, but for the South African market warmer and lighter colours are still dominant.

Wood-look tiles are also taking the shape of large format planks and are moving away from traditional designs. They have more features and some include a bit of colour.

Here are more reasons why you should consider using wood-look tiles in your home.

It actually looks like wood.

Whether you are looking for a dark finish, a white-wash coloured tile, square tiles or large planks, these tiles now come in a variety of shades and sizes and actually look like wood.

The availability of wood-look tiles has opened up an array of design options, especially in the case of wet areas like bathrooms. Previously, owning a wood design shower was almost impossible, simply because it would be very difficult to maintain the wood but with wood-look tiles, you get the best of both worlds; the natural touch of wood and easy maintenance.

Wood-look tiles are cost-effective

Budget is always a consideration, and shopping for new flooring can be costly. Wood-look tiles come at a fraction of the cost and will keep your budget in check.

Wood-look tiles are practical and come in various designs and colour-ways

With wood-look tiles, you don’t have to worry about the wear-and-tear you might see with real wood in high-traffic areas or moisture problems in the kitchen or bathroom.

Wood-look tiles are popular because of their natural look. They work well with most design concepts as they provide a natural base colour from which to work with.

With digital inkjet technology, the always popular look of wood is now being recreated with limitless possibilities.

These tiles complement open-plan living areas beautifully and work just as well in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and on the patio.

You can choose the same shade for inside and outside or you can use a lighter hue inside and a darker shade with a textured finish outside.

Before deciding on the right type and shade of tile for your space, consider the following:

What will the area be used for and who will use the space – this will help you determine if you should get textured tiles and which colour to go with. Darker colours will be more forgiving with dirt and can work best for outside.

What colour grout to use – Choosing the right grout is going to make a huge difference in how realistic your installation appears.