How to: Get the New York Look

Where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean, there exists a magical place where five boroughs come together to produce one of the greatest cities in the world – New York! It’s famed for both its architecture and sense of style – so, how do you achieve the classic look of a New York apartment? It’s easy to do. Choose a colour scheme, pick out the flooring design, a lighting system and prep your walls for optimal luxury.
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Colour Scheme
Whites, browns, greys and creams are ideal for an urban-industrial inspired home – and will help create a sense of space that a true New Yorker would envy. Create the illusion of openness with clean colours that will allow light to bounce around the room. Add a pop of colour for visual interest.
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New York is the home of American industry and while concrete floors are authentic, they aren’t exactly practical, being dirty, rough and difficult to clean. However, the look can easily be emulated with cement-look tiles in large-format sizes to make a small room feel open and spacious.

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Exposed brickwork is a design feature that commonly appears in NYC apartments. Such walls mirror the coarse nature of the city, it is a visually appealing element that works perfectly in a space with simplistic design. If you’re lucky enough to have an exposed brick wall in your space, now’s the time to let it shine! If not, consider creating a chic urban feature wall with subway tiles for a similar feel.
The merciless pace of big city living can be exhausting, and with over 8 million inhabitants squeezed in to just 784 km², it’s easy to see why so many New Yorkers opt for clean, open, loft-type spaces with neutral colours to combat the overstimulation of the city streets. Evoking the New York look means adopting a minimalist approach to your design – Remember, less is always more.