Dress your home with wall cladding

The concept of a feature wall is a time honoured one, as it is a simple way to dress an existing focal point for added drama and effect. These natural features include walls with fireplaces, entrance halls, kitchen and bathroom splashbacks. Making use of a decorative wall tile, such as cladding, to highlight those areas to which the eye is naturally drawn, adds to the design of your space, in a very personal way. We look at 4 ways to dress your home with wall cladding.



Stone-look cladding Stone wood cladding sw 662





Using a stone-look tile to clad a feature wall is perhaps the most customary approach, particularly when used around a fireplace or mantlepiece. Stone speaks to the old-world charm of a Tuscan villa, or rural homestead. It is calming and reassuring.





Keeping with the warmth of tradition, a wood-look pattern brings a warm rustic appeal reminiscent of a cosy farmhouse, or renovated barn. Add a modern twist to the look by looking for patterns which combine different shades of wood to add interest and colour to the space.

Wood-look cladding
Natural mix cladding nc 658




Modern combinations
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Embrace trend-forward combinations of wood and stone patterns where the contrasting colours and textures breathe new life into well-worn designs. This trend brings all the comfort of the familiar together in a contemporary interpretation, perfect for a stylish family home.





Geometric patterns represent a growing trend in design. With a nod to encaustic designs, they are a wonderful way to bring colour into a space, pulling the other elements in the room together. Patterned tiles are an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens as a colourful counterpoint to the white bathroomware or kitchen cabinetry.



We hope that these ideas show how cladding is an excellent choice for adding colour and texture to a space. As it is generally just one wall, cladding adds impact without being overpowering, allowing for bold patterns and / or colours in your décor.

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