Creating a Zen interior

Our modern lifestyles and careers are stressful and demanding. We all need a relaxing space to come home to. A Zen interior will help you leave the stresses of the world outside and help create a nurturing, calming retreat.

Here are a few tips for creating a relaxing Zen experience at home.

Fill your different spaces with an earthy, natural palette. Soft stone and sandy colours, light greys and whites will help create a relaxed peaceful space. Minimal
Don’t clutter your spaces with too many objects. Less furniture, less décor, less art - this is key to the Zen style of living.

Zen includes the five elements of fire, earth, water, metal and wood. Fire: fireplace, fire bowls and candles. Earth: stones, pebbles and plants. Water: art depicting water imagery and fountains. Metal: furniture, frames and sculptures. Wood: furniture and décor.

Make use of natural scented essential oils, candles and incense. This will not only smell good but add a calming effect to your home.

Make use of textured fabrics with an organic feel - linen, hessian, hemp and wool will complement the Zen-like feel.

Contemporary furniture with clean, simple lines work best. Natural materials like wood, stone and bamboo will add a sense of warmth and relaxation.

Minimise your décor. Don’t have too many items on display. Avoid art and objects that use bold colours and patterns. Use items like bamboo, stones and water fountains to build on your Zen theme.

Adding plants will add a relaxing effect to the entire room. Bonsai trees create beautiful focal points when designing your space.
Following these simple tips will move you into a calm, Zen-like space in no time.

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