Bring Autumn home

In some ways, Autumn is the perfect time of year. The weather is ideal for being outdoors, with less rain, warm days and cooler evenings. Take full advantage of this gorgeous season and be inspired to bring some of nature’s bounty home.


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This is the season for hiking! Explore our beautiful country and marvel at the glowing colours of Autumn. The mornings and evenings may be chilly, but the days are glorious and ideal for discovering deep gorges, kloofs, rock formations, clear mountain streams and wooded areas. Notice the subtle changes in the scenery from green to gold and orange. Go early in the morning and capture some stunning dewy sunrise shots with your camera. Printing your favourite photos onto canvases add a very personalised touch to your home décor.

If you’re more of a gardener than a hiker, this is a beautiful time to be in your garden as much of our indigenous flora comes into flower during Autumn. Use blooms from your garden or buy a selection of seasonal flowers from your local florist to bring the wonderful Autumn colours into your space. It’s a perfect complement with wood, earthenware, glazed ceramics or paired with rose gold or copper pots to really maximise the lovely yellows and oranges of carnations, amaryllis and tiger lilies.

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Winter may be coming, but we can all still enjoy taking a walk through a local park, revelling in an afternoon spent hiking, or for the more sedate amongst us, spending some time in our gardens or at an outdoor café. Whichever way you choose to celebrate Autumn, it is a perfect time to appreciate the great outdoors, bring some of its beautiful colours home and delight in this very special time of year.