6 Reasons to love wood look tiles

Oak Wood Oak

Wood is arguably one of the oldest building materials in the world, and aside from this fact, the beauty of wood can’t be overstated. For those who are still on the fence about wood-look as a tile design, here are 6 reasons to love them.

  1. Whatever shade or style of wood-look is your favourite, you are bound to find an example of it in wood-look tile designs, from realistic renditions of timber to designs replicating distressed
    or reclaimed wood.
  2. With advances in manufacturing techniques, wood-look tiles are supplied with a number of tile ‘faces’ or versions of the tile pattern. Used together these create a more realistic end result.
  3. Size matters in wood-look tiles. From square to rectangular to longer planks, wood-look tiles come in a range of sizes to create the look that you love.
  4. Creating your own designs by playing with the layout of your wood-look tiles. Place square tiles with the pattern at right angles to each other to replicate a parquet pattern, or use planks
    installed with a 30% offset to create a realistic interpretation of a hardwood floor.
  5. Wood-look tiles can be used in combination with other styles such as cement and stone-look in trend-forward designs, bringing a modern interpretation to traditional wood.
  6. Wood-look tiles bring the warmth of timber into the bathroom without the maintenance or other challenges of using real wood.

Woodlook Collage

The versatility of wood-look tiles should be reason enough to love them, but we hope that the reasons given above, remove all doubt that this is a look that is here to stay, that is to be loved and embraced.