50 Shades at home

Gone are the days when grey was considered too dull for interiors, this colour remains on-trend internationally and is now making inroads locally.

The latest trends revealed from Cersaie show that grey is still one of the popular colours when it comes to home décor. Locally, plain cement colours in light, medium and warm grey tones with soft designs are more popular.

Available in dark and dramatic or soft and serene, and anywhere in between; grey can add a calm and soothing effect to your home.

Here are more reasons why you should consider using grey in your home.

  • Grey is elegant, rich and sophisticated and blends effortlessly with other vibrant tones.
  • Grey is a neutral colour and works well with most décor styles. You can bring in the colour grey through from a furniture piece such as a sofa, as a feature wall by using mosaics or through flooring by installing tiles in your home.
  • Grey can also be a remedy to décor mistakes. For example, if you’ve purchased a bright coloured piece of furniture and feel that it is too loud, you can play it down with grey accessories to soften it.
  • Many décor styles work well with grey such as the contemporary trend of stylish and sleek interiors with clean and well defined lines, the industrial and monochromatic décor style.
  • The colour grey creates an aura of peace and tranquillity and works well in a bathroom which is ideal for relaxation.

When grey is used in the home, it’s often used in the kitchen. Kitchens are designed to be sterile places and grey suggests this kind of cool cleanness. Grey also works well in the kitchen as it matches well with both modern silver or classic white coloured appliances.

Grey is a colour that doesn’t have to be limited to one room.  You can use it in the bathroom with floor tiles and shower walls.

These days, concrete interiors are all the rage. Although this is a great option in terms of flooring, it can be costly and is not easy to maintain as it needs constant sealing.  Concrete-looking inkjet tiles by Johnson Tiles provide a durable alternative to concrete flooring. They form a neutral base colour to which bold coloured soft furnishings can be added or they can offer depth to a modern industrial look.

Thanks to inkjet technology tiles, home owners can now have the beautiful finish of concrete and the cost-effectiveness and low-maintenance of tiles all wrapped into one product. Using Grey as a theme also allows home owners and decorators alike to mix and match different designs for a unique, eclectic look.

The Johnson Tiles Moyo range is the tile to consider should you wish to introduce stronger elements of grey into your home. It has an impressive matt, weathered and variable cement appearance and provides a warm neutral backdrop to which handcrafted items and luxurious metallic and copper finishes can be added for depth. The tile face features comforting hues in a layered appearance and complements simple design and quiet luxury.