5 Reasons why stone look tiles are always on trend

1. Created for youMadikwe-Beige_Stone_LR.jpg#asset:146856

Madikwe Beige MK-922&lt

With a diverse range of colours, textures and finishes, stone-look patterns are the ideal choice to compliment your own unique style. Whether your home has a rustic farmhouse, eclectic or super contemporary feel, there’s a stone-look tile created just for you.

2. The natural choice


Susana Beige SU-059

Biophilic design is focussed on connecting people to the natural environment. Stone-look tiles are therefore a great choice for tiling seamless spaces that flow from indoors to outdoors – adding natural textures and tones to large surface areas, as well as smaller areas like bathrooms. They work well on floors and walls, bringing nature and architecture together.


3. Easy to use


Lalox Metallic mix wall tile 250×500 LL-064

As a natural product, natural stone tiles can be irregular in shape and size which may be difficult to work with particularly when trying to achieve a certain effect. Tiles, however, are uniform in both shape and size, making them easy to install. With modern manufacturing techniques, it is possible to perfectly mimic the textures and colours of natural stone, for a realistic pattern without these variations.


4. Low maintenance


Caliche Brown CE-023

Natural stone is by nature quite porous and often need to be sealed to prevent staining whereas glazed tiles are very low maintenance, require a daily sweep and mopping only if required. All the beauty without the work.


5. Always trendy


Ikapa Brown IA-018

The look of natural stone never goes out of style. It has inspired interior and architectural design features for centuries, and today is used more and more in commercial and residential spaces. Join the largest global trend and bring a natural feel to your living spaces.

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