5 Fabulous looks for a fire pit

Is there anything more South African than the inviting glow of a fire pit? Choosing the right look for your space goes a long way to taking your outdoor entertainment areas to the next level. We offer five fabulous looks for your fire pit project and some décor tips.

Placement of the firepit is a key decision. Somewhere that’s not too close to the house, has no overhanging trees which could catch fire and ideally somewhere that can accommodate generous seating for sharing evenings by the fire, is ideal. Once you have selected the right place, the choice of tile drives the overall look for the space.



African Cobblestone AF-724 | Monazite Cobblestone MZ-725

Stone-look tiles are an excellent choice with the natural textures and colours adding to the rustic appeal of a fire pit. Use classic cobblestone inspired designs to evoke the romance of a Tuscan country estate. Pair with wood furnishings and cushions in shades of green.



Moringa Rust_MG-786 | Ikapa Cobalt IA-017

Embrace the textures of rock strata and the natural shades of stone for a timeless look. No need for sealing and no risk of delaminating layers of stone ruining the effect, just the perfect marriage of stone and fire. Pick out the ashy shades of grey with your soft furnishings to complete the look.



Lanco Umber LC-031 | Porta Nova Light PN-737

The cool appeal of cement and exposed stone in a terrazzo pattern delivers a fashionable look to outdoor spaces with a nod to the timeless appeal of polished concrete. Installing a terrazzo floor can take up to 28 days, but you can get the look in a weekend with a quality tile. This look is well suited to furniture with clean, modern lines for a streamlined look.



Echo Grey EH-550 | Zorah Mid Grey ZR-984 | Brushed Cement Charcoal BM-850

Delve into the world of urban inspired cement patterns, from cool ash tones to the darker shades of charcoal, there is sure to be the right one for your urban oasis, pairing modern cityscape with elemental fire. This look is well suited to wood textures and industrial inspired designs in a metal finish for a contemporary outdoor space.



Decking Earthen DK-523 | Parquet Ash PQ-249 | Woodlands Natural WD-878

Look beyond the normal wood-look tile in a plank format. Play with layouts to create a decking effect, or an outdoor interpretation of a parquet floor. The realistic patterns and tones of wood-look tiles delivers all the beauty without the maintenance, and works well with almost any style of furniture and décor.

The warmth of wood, the rustic charm of stone or the coolness of cement are common aesthetics used around fire pits and outdoor entertainment areas. Tiles offer the convenience of a low-maintenance and durable finish, bringing functional and fabulous together. Sitting around a fire with a few friends or family is a wonderful way to celebrate the great outdoors, and this place we call home.

For your perfect fire pit inspiration, explore our Stone, Urban and Natura Collections. Visit the TAL website for practical installation tips when tiling a fire pit.