4 Top tips on how to make the most of wood look tiles


We love the warmth of wood-look patterns, and how they bring the rich textures and natural colours of nature into our spaces. With modern manufacturing techniques there are so many options to choose from, so we’ve put together our top 4 tips on how to make the most of wood-look tiles.


The many faces of wood

Early wood-look tile patterns were limited, with the same pattern repeated on all the tiles. Thanks to advances in manufacturing techniques, wood-look tiles are supplied with a number of tile ‘faces’ or versions of the tile pattern. Used together, these create a more realistic end result. Be sure to mix and match these faces across the space in a random fashion, and not group matching faces together.

Sizing up design


Cedar Mist_https://johnsontiles.co.za/products/tiles/cedar-mist-cd-513

Size and shape matters in wood-look tiles. From square to rectangular planks, wood-look tiles come in a range of sizes and shapes to create the look that you love. Creating your own designs by playing with the layout of your wood-look tiles. Place square tiles with the pattern at right angles to each other to replicate a parquet pattern, or use planks installed with a 30% offset to create a realistic interpretation of a hardwood floor.

Matches made in heaven

Wood-look tiles can be used in combination with other finishes such as cement or stone in trend-forward designs, bringing a modern interpretation to traditional wood patterns.

The availability of wood-look tiles has opened up an array of design options, especially in the case of wet areas like bathrooms. Previously, putting wood into a bathroom was impractical, simply because it would be very difficult to maintain the wood. However, with wood-look tiles, you get the best of both worlds; the warmth of wood without the maintenance or other challenges of using real wood.

The versatility of wood-look tiles should be reason enough to love them, and it is a look that is here to stay. As one of oldest building materials in the world, we hope that these top tips will help you embrace wood-look tiles and find the perfect look and design for your space. For more wood-look inspiration view our Wood Collection .