4 Fabulous ways to use décor tiles

Décor tiles are the difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary. They bring personality and life into a room, creating a unique look for the space. We explore 4 fabulous ways to use décor tiles in your design, from time-honoured classics through to biophilic inspiration.

1. Classic Checkerboard


Arctic white ac 191   |    Deco black dc 190

You can’t go wrong with the simplicity of classic black and white in décor and design. Our Arctic White and Deco Black 400x400mm tiles are perfect for creating a classic checkerboard pattern on walls or floors.


Metro glossy white bevel metro white

Metro tiles are also an excellent way to produce this timeless look, particularly as a stylish splashback, or en masse across a bathroom wall.

2. Modern encaustic 


Barista red velvet encaustic bs 937

Patterned décor tiles are a wonderful way to inject an element of style and creativity into a space. For a modern interpretation of encaustic patterns, look for bigger, bolder designs like our District 9 Vogue, to bring colour into your design. For a contemporary approach, combine this traditional pattern with urban cement-look designs like our Barista Red Velvet décor tiles.

3. Dependable Stone


Leswika deco le 910

Celebrate the timeless beauty of stone and bring the majesty of nature into your space with cladding and cobblestone inspired patterns. Age-old designs brought to life with modern manufacturing techniques, for a look that is streamlined and highly realistic without the additional maintenance required by cladding or cobblestones. Cladding designs are ideal for creating a focal point within a larger field of tiles, whilst cobblestones like our Leswika Cobble adds a rustic element to the floor, grounding the décor.

4. Biophilic inspiration


Stone wood cladding sw 662

Trend forward biophilic design brings nature inspired elements like the warm textures and tones of real wood into manmade structures to connect the occupants to nature. With modern print technology in tile manufacturing, the natural beauty of wood can be used in any space, including wet areas, without the maintenance. Embrace all elements of biophilic inspiration, by blending the warmth of wood with the rich textures of stone. Enhance the connectivity of the design space to the natural environment with our Stone Wood cladding décor tiles.

Whether used across a whole wall, as a backsplash for effect or when adding interest within a larger field of tiles on walls or floors, décor tiles are ideal for creating a personalised and unique space. Once you have selected the perfect pattern, décor tiles are a fabulous way to curate your chosen design aesthetic. Find your design inspiration with us and discover your collection.