3 Stylish ways to use stone look tiles in your home

The spectacular landscape of Africa abounds with soaring peaks of stone and rock. From the impressive Drakensberg, to the vast open plains of the Serengeti, the colours and textures of our landscape have inspired our design team to replicate this richness and diversity in our Stone Collection. As discussed in our previous blog on the 5 reasons why natural stone-look tiles are a growing trend, whether your home has a natural, contemporary or rustic feel, there’s a stone-look tile made just for you.

We show you 3 stylish ways to use stone-look tiles in your home.



Serengeti A Stone

African spirit

Capture the true spirit of Africa with bold rich tones of ochre, deep browns and ash greys, bringing the great outdoors into your home. Use the luxurious warmth of leather and darker wood furniture to bring classic old-world charm to the space.  Contrast the rich colours with soft furnishings in cream and taupe paired with generous use of greenery to bring the look together. This natural look embraces the spirit of adventure.



Gran Grey Render F Stone

Contemporary elegance

For a more contemporary take on a stone-look tile, look to the cooler shades of grey, flint and fawn. Match with the bleached greys and blondes of distressed woods brought back to life with modern styling, to create a refined finish. Using shades of bone or charcoal as your base palette allows for pops of colour in the soft furnishings or with some greenery for a minimalist approach. Tiles that reflect the grainy textures of granite showcase this aesthetic to perfection.



Safika Small Stone

Rustic style

Be inspired by the natural shades of your favourite mountains, think Golden Gate or the Baviaanskloof with their warm orange and brown hues, balanced with cooler greys. This look is perfect with darker wood furniture, soft leather and exposed metal for reassuring rustic style. The effect is warmly textured and bold in design. Embrace the timeless look of real stone to bring the beauty of African rock into your home.



The diversity of pattern and colour makes stone-look tiles a very versatile choice for home décor, and one that is enduring. With hues ranging from rich browns and oranges to the cooler shades of bone and grey, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your space. Explore our Stone Collection here